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Which method of carpet cleaning does Xtreme Clean Pro Carpet Cleaning Reno, NV. use?

Hot water extraction Method known as Steam Cleaning
We use the Hot Water Extraction (otherwise known as steam cleaning) method to professionally clean carpets. We use a truck mount unit with adjustable pressures up to 1200 psi. Our unit is equipped with a heat exchanger to properly heat our water to professionally clean carpet, upholstery, area rugs, automobiles, and even tile and grout. Our high powered vacuum leaves carpets damp which means your carpets will be dry faster. Not only that but we use a 2,200 cfm air mover to help dry your carpets even faster!

There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods out there but we believe that the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning is the best method of carpet cleaning if done correctly. One of the major problems with hot water extraction carpet cleaning is left-over residues being left behind in the carpet. At Xtreme Clean Pro we pre-spray your entire carpet (at no extra charges)and properly flush out those residues. Left-over residues in your carpets lead to what is called rapid resoiling of the carpet. The left over residues just attract dry soils and your carpets will be dirty again very quickly.

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