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Auto and RV Cleaning Reno with Xtreme Clean Auto and Rv Cleaning Reno, NV
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Auto and Rv Cleaning Reno, Nv. with Xtreme Clean Pro Auto and Rv Cleaning Services. We professionally clean Auto and Rv's by the hot water extraction Auto and Rv cleaning method know as steam Auto and Rv cleaning. We use a high powered truck mounted Auto and Rv cleaning unit with environmentally safe green cleaners which are safe for your children and pets.

We pre-spray your Automobile or Rv motorhome, and thouroughly clean and flush out our pre-spray leaving no residues behind in your vehicle or motor home. Left-over residues lead to rapid resoiling of the auto or Rv (auto or rv just getting dirty again faster). We take the proper time and steps during our Auto and Rv cleaning process leaving you with extremely clean results. We are uniformed, well groomed, and can get that motor home, rv or camper clean and smelling fresh again!

At Xtreme Clean Pro Auto and Rv Cleaning Services Reno, Nv. we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. There's no bait and switch, high pressure sales tactics, or gimmicks of any kind. Auto and Rv cleaning in Reno, Nv. is now affordable and yet highly professional with Xtreme Clean Pro Auto and Rv Cleaning Care. Get more bang for your buck when when you choose us to be your Auto and Rv cleaning service.

Xtreme Clean Pro is the Auto and Rv cleaning service you will be using again and again. Save your receipt and get the same deal every time with us!


Will help repel any spills and/or pet accidents that may occur and will help prevent those spills from becoming permanent stains.

Will help keep any traffic patterns from becoming worse or even developing.

Will help your vacuum pick up more dry soil.

Will help your automobile and rv carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer.

Has antistatic properties to keep you from getting shocked.

Will help protect the clear dye on newer carpet.

Will help your investment in carpet, upholstery, area rugs, last much longer.

Can be applied at an affordable price! Only half the price of the clean.


Enzyme treatment that gets all those odors right at there source.

Leaves your auto and rv carpeting smelling extra fresh.

Pet accidents can be a real problem and our deodorizer can get them right at the source.

Takes care of odors from cigarettes, cooking odors, and more.

Can be applied at an affordable price! Only half the price of the clean.

We use only the best products whether it be our pre-sprays, protector, or deodorizer enzyme. We use Dupont Advanced carpet protector on your carpet and upholstery in your automobile and rv's and believe it is better than the traditional Scotchguard.