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How long does it take your carpets to dry by Xtreme Clean Pro Carpet Cleaning Reno, NV.

How long does it take to dry?
It depends on the style of carpet or upholstery you have, airflow, and heat. No carpet or upholstery should ever take longer than 24 hours to dry as long as long as the proper drying conditions are met. Most carpet and upholstery will take anywhere between 4 and 24 hours to dry. Set your thermostat anywhere from 68 to 70, turn on all ceiling fans, place any fans you have on your carpet, and your carpet will dry in no time. The more airflow the better. With our extra steps your carpet will dry even faster!

If you do nothing to help dry your carpet, it could take longer than 24 hours. The moisture in your carpet or upholstery has to evaporate into the air. The best drying temperature for carpet is 68 to 70 degrees. The more airflow the better.

For tile clear seal drying please allow at least 2 hours before walking on grout lines.

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